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Are you new to building reports in Power BI Desktop? Would you like to spend less time finding content to help you gain the knowledge you need to build amazing reports and dashboards? MyPowerBITraining focuses on Microsoft BI Training using Power BI to get you the lessons and examples you need to start building reports and adding value to your company quickly.

Follow our online guided Microsoft BI Training classes to learn Power BI to increase your knowledge and build real world scenarios to improve your ability to build reports. To get the most from Power BI you need to understand the basic patterns that can be applied to solve for common requests from your business users.

We offer both free Microsoft BI training content to get you started as well as paid content.

Our Free Power BI training video using the Titanic dataset can be found in our products page.

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Save Time

Learn how to use Power BI Desktop to build Reports and Dashboards using targeted modules that get you the information you need without long lectures and slideshows.

Analyze Data

Quickly take data and transform it into online analytics for yourself and your co-workers. Help everyone make better decisions with easy to understand visualizations and reporting.

Find Insights

Spot new trend and issues in your operations by viewing your data in trends, comparisons over time or outlier style reporting. Enable reporting that lets everyone know your business better when you learn Power BI.

What Makes Different?

We create and free Microsoft BI training to let you Learn Power BI. We also deliver paid Microsoft BI training to help you focus on delivery value to your business with low cost high quality training material that you can access anytime.

Learn Power BI at your pace with online or book lessons. No need to be away from work for days to try and cram. Find the content you need and buy just that module or purchase a subscription to access more content for one low price.

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“I’ve been in your situation trying to learn how to build my Power BI Skills while working fulltime. This program is built to get you the skills you need without hoping you find the right content when searching through articles.”

– Derek Wilson, CEO and Founder